Confessions of a Christmas Addict

I pulled the blanket tighter around me as the walls shook in the Irish wind. The old house is drafty even on the warmest days, and one can only drink so many cups of tea to fight the chill. With my laptop sitting open on my lap, I opened my most recent novel manuscript and […]

Defining Success

Note: This is an adaption of a post I wrote for landlords on Here’s a link to the original if you want to see it! What is success? It depends on who you ask. Is it stepping into a red Ferrari on the way to a six-digit job in a sparkling high rise somewhere? […]

Don’t Turn off the Radio

The ride home was hot and tedious as always. A low growl was forming in my stomach as I peeled my hand off the leather seat to adjust the air conditioning. It was barely functional. The turn signal had been beeping for five minutes straight as we sat in traffic, sweltering under the weight of […]

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