Drop Off

On Saturday (the 6th) we participated in a drop off. Basically, this means that we divided into our sight groups (the groups which we’ll be writing our group blogs with), and then Tammi sent each group to a different tiny town near Galway for about 5 hours (3-8). Our job was to discover the distinctive […]

Our First Castle!!!!!!!!!!

After the concert, Megan mentioned that we were going to a castle on Friday. I may or may not have screamed (ha, ha…). Everyone thought it was so cute, but really they don’t understand! I’m about to fulfill yet another dream! It was called Aughnanure, and it was built in the 14th or 15th century […]

Awakening a New Part of Me

Thursday night (September 4th) we all dressed up really nice to go to this fancy Italian restaurant in Galway. The owners and employees were all really Italian, and we could barely understand their English. The food was amazing, though, I had salmon, roasted potatoes, and vegetables with this lemon sauce that was really thin and yet […]


Galway is like the place of my dreams. It’s a beautiful little historic town with a canal running through the center (complete with swans!). There are occasional modern buildings thrown in along with streets like Shop Street, which is cobblestone and lined with cafes, pubs, and gift shops. We’ve found an old-fashioned sweet shop, an […]

Simple Gifts

Tonight as I’m sitting in my apartment with all of the girls on this trip, one upperclassman leader, and one employee from the coffee shop where we have class (her name is Aine), while Emily plays the guitar and we all spontaneously sing, I’m thinking about how the simplest things make me love this place […]

Dún Aonghasa

August 30th was literally the best day of my life (As in actually literally, not figuratively:). But that’s only so far, right? Cause I’m in IRELAND, duh!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, on Saturday morning we set out for the Aran Islands. After about a thirty minute bus ride north through the most beautiful Irish countryside right alongside Galway […]

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