Submission Instructions

As an agent for Cyle Young Literary Elite, I represent both authors and illustrators and am always looking to broaden my reach. Instructions for submitting to my agency are detailed under the “submissions” tab at Pay careful attention to these! C.YL.E is closed to submissions at this time, but I’m still open to a few specific things (detailed below). Please send a query letter and the first ten pages pasted in the body of the email to Before you submit, read through my Manuscript Wish List below, where you’ll find the things I’m accepting and also the things I’m closed to at the moment. This changes, so come back regularly or check out my #MSWL tweet thread on Twitter (@Kenzi_Melody).


For Authors and Illustrators


If you’re an illustrator looking to work in picture books, graphic novels, or cover design, I’d love to see your work! I especially love animation, watercolor, and unique styles and mediums, but I’m open to looking at anything! Send a bio, portfolio link, and art samples to

Status: Closed.


In picture books I love fairy tell re-tellings, mythology, and anything with a whimsical, magical air or dealing with real-world problems. Both at once, if possible! I believe it’s important to allow children a place at the table in the important discussions of our world, so bring me all your age-appropriate books about current issues! I’m especially interested in anything involving plant life or environmentalism, and books (both fiction and nonfiction) that include a focus on STEM-related topics. If you can teach me something I didn’t know and do it in a non-condescending way, I want to talk to you!

Status: Closed. I’m full on picture books at the moment, but check back soon!

YA and MG

Fairy tale-retellings and anything mythology related (especially Norse) are my absolute favorite things! I’m a magic realism (especially with a little history mixed in) and urban fantasy junkie, but I also love creative magic, high, low, or mid-fantasy, and anything with a whimsical air or lyrical voice. Bonus points if your book discusses current or important issues without losing that mystical aspect of escapism, and without pounding me over the head with a message. I like romantic elements, but I’m not a huge romance novel person, so I’d prefer not to receive anything with romance as the primary plot line. ALSO, graphic novels! I’m always looking for these. If you have one, send me two or three full spreads and the first fifty pages of the script.

Did I mention Viking-inspired books? Because I LOVE them.

Some of my favorites: Sky in the Deep, The Girl the Sea Gave Back, Percy Jackson, Peter and the Starcatchers, The Raven Cycle, and the Inkheart Trilogy. 

DON’T send me: Vampires, anything sci-fi or space related, large-scale epic fantasy, literary novels, contemporary with no magic, nonfiction, blatant religious messages, angels and demons, or anything with a relationship between a person in authority and someone under that authority (teacher/student, etc.). At the moment I’m not open to anything geared at an age group older than college-aged.

Status: Open