They say you get to be a better writer the more you read, and I think that's especially true of reading old things.
Sometimes when we're going through a hard time, we need to remember that things won't always be like this.
In the previous two installments of this series, I discussed how God gave us the instinct to create. The stories we tell kids give them the courage to face the dragons they’ll meet someday—but they’re not the only ones who need courage like that. The world didn’t get less scary as I got older. Of...
Note: once upon a time I wrote a SUPER long post about fairy tales. I’ve decided that that was WAY too much for anyone to digest at one time, so I’ve decided to rewrite that information as a series. Enjoy. 🙂 I read once that “novel-reading fills the heads of young girls with romantic notions…the...
Are our lives built for only one passion? There are perks to having more than one primary interest.
That may sound a little sappy. I’m not talking kissing-in-the-rain romance here. I’m talking about the tool that can transform an “okay” piece of writing into a masterpiece. Emotion. Make your readers laugh, cry, or scream, and they’ll never forget you. That goes for anything you write, fiction or nonfiction. No one wants to read...
What if you could talk to any fictional character you wanted? What would you tell them? What would you thank them for? I was given this assignment as a school project a few weeks ago. I wanted to share what I came up with and encourage you to do the same. Dear Lucy, I was...

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