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YA Pirate Magic Realism

Currently on Query

This is a 97,000 word YA/adult crossover magic realism novel full of vampiric mermaids, gothic mansions, chases through tropical jungles, and anxious girls who change the world. Based in real history of the Golden Age of Piracy and Greek mythology, it’s a story about women who take the ruins of their problematic world and build castles. Like the sea, they’re dangerous, magical, ever-changing, and they never forget.

Adult Realistic Fantasy

Currently with Beta Readers

In a world where barrow-ghosts harvest souls and bogs require sacrifice, an embittered political assassin thinks one more death might finally save her people. She sets out on a journey to steal a forgotten artifact; joined by an anxious killer, a bounty hunter with secrets, a farmer-turned-turned-knife-wielder, and the man who once stole her heart.