The Magic of Having More than one Dream


“Why don’t you audition for the Nutcracker with me?”

And so it began.

I was eight years old.

Within days – or possibly hours – I was hooked on this bright, dusty world like a college student on vanilla lattes. By junior high I was recognized as the “actress” or “that theatre kid.” All through high school I worked to outrun that terrible sadness that settled over me when I went too many months without theatre involvement.

I chose the career path of a writer, but when, at 16, I stood  playing the role I’d dreamed about since fourth grade, I knew I couldn’t give it up yet.

And so here I am, in the middle of yet another theatre production. So much I thought I knew about my passion has changed since I came to college. I’ve found things in myself I didn’t know existed. Maybe that’s what theatre is.

Theatre Kid

I have given my heart to tiny, cold spaces,
To hot yellow lights,
To endless black clothing and paint-stained jeans,
To all-nighters,
Tangled curtains,
Repainted furniture,
And every hour spent adjusting angles and marking “just the right spot.”
I’ve given my heart to timeless masterpieces,
To hours spent in practice,
To endings and curtain calls,
To a living fantasy,
Too-high heels,
Repeated costume fittings,
And empty stages.
I am a creature of line notes and make-up checks.
I have loved the theatre too much to ever fear the stage.

I suppose my point is that no one needs to have only one dream or one passion. We were created with a million different shades of interest and curiosity inside of us. Who are we not to explore them while we have the chance?


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