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September 25th through the 30th was parent’s week here in Ireland. Emily, Olivia, and Aaron all had their parents come, and Aaron even had three of his seven adult brothers show up to surprise him! We spent this five day period traveling around and seeing things before classes really buckled down the next week. Friday...
The weekend between leaving Galway (on Saturday morning) and arriving in Greystones (on Tuesday evening) was a very, very busy time. We were travelling all around for the entire duration of it. Our base was a hostel in Killarney called Neptune’s. We were told that the place was really sketchy, but it turned out that...
We’re on the bus again at 9 AM this morning. This riding around the country and learni ng everything about it is the most fun thing ever. I’m so excited to be starting again! Today we’re heading to an area of exposed limestone called the Burren, which means rock in Irish. From there we’ll see...
Today (September 7th), we all met at Tammi and Megan’s apartment at 9 am. Our bus was there, and our bus driver, Brian Knight. We’re headed to Connemara as I’m writing this. Brian is giving us a complete overview of Irish history as we drive, and it’s the most interesting thing I’ve ever heard in...

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